Top 8 Metaverse Technologies for events – Trends to Watch In 2022  

Top 8 Metaverse Technologies for events – Trends to Watch In 2022  

Knowing and using the most valuable event technology trends provides planners and venues with a competitive advantage. According to studies, employing metaverse event technology trends may boost attendance by 20% and productivity by 27%. 

But, with new event technologies continuously appearing, how can you determine which ones to consider? We’ve got you covered with the event technology trends you need to know for success, from design through debrief. 

Let’s look at the top event technology trends that will help us achieve a safer, more connected future in events in 2022 and beyond. 

NFT Event Ticketing 

NFT is a digital credential for claiming ownership of anything, such as a screen capture or a piece of digital art. In the crypto currency world, this is referred to as pumping and dumping. And how do NFTs relate to events? You may purchase your NFT event ticket.  

Right now, there is a lot of value in individuals utilizing it to know that they are a part of a community or to prevent fraudulent ticket purchases. But if you’re thinking about profit, you might as well go to Vegas and put it on black.” 

The final word? Despite its multiple applications, it is still 100% hype in event technology trends. 

Blockchain Technology 

When most individuals hear the term blockchain, they immediately think of Bitcoin. However, blockchain technology is more than that. “Blockchain refers to the capacity to keep a digital record of anything. Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and everyone has access to them. Every Bitcoin transaction is recorded on the blockchain. However, it is still hype in event technology trends. 

Decentralized finance has the most promise for crypto currency and blockchain. This has a future in international events. Consider the costs we must pay when purchasing a ticket from another country. This may sometimes be detrimental to a planner. After all, no one wants to be Ticketmaster and charge the customer. 

Consider telling all of your overseas attendees to pay for tickets using crypto currency in exchange for not having to pay exorbitant fees. You hear about volatility, which is why many people are concerned, yet there are stable crypto currencies that are linked to USD, such as USD Coin. 

Metaverse Event Technology 

Next, another event technology trends to consider is Metaverse. Will enjoys the concept of using a single app for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Furthermore, the metaverse has the potential to disrupt the events sector. Metaverse event platform will reduce the number of existing event platforms on the market. Nobody wants to install yet another event app. 

The concept of metaverse and web 3.0 is decentralization, yet we will all be on the same metaverse platform. That means we’ll be even more centralized, which is a frightening thought. platforms like Grand.Space will help event organizers to host events in 3D world and with the built-in features attendees can hold immersive event experience. 

Smart Glass & AR 

Next one is smart glasses and augmented reality for events, which are more popular than other event technology trends. Apple has been in the forefront of developing smart glasses, and the technology has been dubbed Vision. According to rumors, they will release smart glasses shortly, followed by a virtual reality headset. 

Right now, nobody is using AR with their phone at an event, but imagine if we all had glasses like that at events. All event signage is now outdated. When you glance at someone’s badge, their profile appears over their head. We can combine in-person and virtual attendance. Consider a presentation in which chat bubbles or avatars fly up from all of the virtual attendees. 

Live Streaming 

Nowadays, we’re all accustomed to live streaming. Notably, event technology firms have made incredible strides in their streaming solutions to support virtual events. 

It implies that your attendees, particularly those tuning in remotely, will now demand the highest-quality streaming. Consider a complete solution that allows you to smoothly switch between virtual and hybrid events, sync numerous locations with your live audience, mix live and pre-recorded video, and integrate your preferred streaming provider. 

Digital Floor Plans 

Event organizers are increasingly using event diagramming software to produce full-scale, 3D drawings of their event venues, similar to how architects use blueprints to plan and build buildings. 

Drag-and-drop capability, 3D walk-throughs, seating and stage design, booth and vendor mapping, and other features save time during event setup and provide event organizers with a valuable tool for marketing their event to potential sponsors. 

Meanwhile, digital floor plans in event platforms like Grand.Space enable event managers to easily construct interactive maps for in-person and hybrid event experiences. 

Attendees may quickly access entire speaker biographies and session topics by clicking on a breakout room on their event app, or by tapping a sponsor logo, which displays their booth location on the exhibition hall map. 


Gamification in metaverse event provides an ideal chance to bring some friendly competition into the event mix in order to drive engagement efforts and increase enjoyment – Another most considerable event technology trends. 

Leading event management software frequently includes a game element that allows event organizers to design challenges, such as completing trivia questions, polling, Q&A session at the end of a session or visiting an exhibitor booth. Attendees receive points by typing the appropriate codes into their event app. Just be sure to often promote your leaders and give some tempting wonderful incentives. 

All-in-One Event Platform App 

For good reason, mobile applications have long been a go-to event technology trend for all event kinds. Event planners may simply bundle agendas, speaker information, live stream links, venue maps, and event sponsors using a sleek, mobile-friendly application. 

When reviewing the most recent event technology trends, the objective is to identify an all-in-one solution that can power all aspects of a successful event. Grand.Space checks all the boxes and delivers everything you need to raise the bar for your events, whether your audience participates in-person or remotely. Book demo and explore your own metaverse world now.