The Metaverse Event Industry – Top 6 Tips to Host a Metaverse Events  

The Metaverse Event Industry – Top 6 Tips to Host a Metaverse Events  

In the last two years, event organizers have discovered there are numerous benefits to host metaverse events. A virtual event mimics the unique experience and connection that in-person events provide, from accessibility and low travel costs to creative venue options and endless customizations.  

But hosting a successful virtual event is more than replicating your typical face-to-face event. Find out how to host metaverse events in the following six steps! 

Tips for Hosting Events in Metaverse

Set Goal 

Plan virtual events in the same way as planning in-person events. You should set a goal for your virtual event before establishing a budget, selecting a venue, creating marketing materials, and creating content. This will help you keep the planning focused.  

The key to success is understanding the purpose of your event and what value you will offer attendees. Some questions to ask in the planning phase include:  

  • Do our sessions take place live or are they pre-recorded? 
  • What functionality do we need in a virtual venue?  
  • Is our audience familiar with the platform we’ve selected?  
  • What tools can we use to further engage with our audience? 

Choose Right Venue 

The next step is to decide which venue is best suited for your event. With Grand.Space, you can customize many spaces to host metaverse events platform. Some of the most commonly used spaces include: 

Auditorium: Host a keynote speaker or thought leaders’ panel in your auditorium? It can accommodate hundreds of users with the same perks that come with the best seats in the house! Participants can see slides and videos from the speaker in full-screen mode by zooming in on the stage.  

Exhibition hall: The Grand.Space Exhibition Hall was designed to provide realistic interactions for virtual exhibitors. The number of total booths can be easily scaled depending on the size of your exhibition and vendors have the ability to fully brand their booths and upload all forms of content. 

Conference: Host authentic keynote sessions, conferences & multilingual webinars with 3D avatars and broadcast your conference to a wider audience through simulcasting. 

Prepare your Attendees 

Hosting Metaverse events often require attendees to use new software that they may be unfamiliar with. To ensure your event runs smoothly and your attendees have the best experience possible, we recommend creating some guidance on how to host events on the Metaverse platform.  

 For example, our platform Grand.Space created a helpful video to guide our conference attendees to learn how to navigate the platform ahead of their event and ensured they had access to explore their private event campus before the conference began. 

Use Metaverse Functionality to make Event Connection 

Keeping the audience engaged throughout the event is the biggest challenge of hosting events in the metaverse. For this, many event organizers are choosing metaverse venues rather than the other webinar platforms because metaverse platforms like Grand.Space is more collaborative and replicates social interactions that happen when attending an event in the real world. 

In accordance with that, hosting metaverse event in Grand.Space can take advantage of a number of features and booth spaces dedicated to connecting with others. Moreover, organizers can host interactive polls and Q&A sessions and there is a breakout room for making networking around attendees easier.  

Whether you bump into someone on campus while exploring or have a dedicated networking space set up, people experience a sense of presence when attending Metaverse events. 

Setting up a 3D Avatar 

An avatar is an icon or figure that represents you online. Create a 3D realistic avatar model in your exhibit space to display the characteristics of the person who is attending your event. Our platform allows you to customize your own 3D avatar models to mimic the experience of assisting a real-life event. Host metaverse events and engage your virtual audience with a human touch in your networking and meeting sessions during private chats and live talks.  

Include opportunities for social interaction and exploration  

Like in the real world, people don’t want to be confined to their seats or locked in one space for hours on end. Mix things up and provide people with a variety of spaces and experiences for them to explore and have the chance to network. 

We used to create an engaging social media wall for events with valuable social content that boosts engagement, creates experiences, and attracts sponsors at virtual events, hybrid events, or any type of event.  

Include Fun Element 

Our number one tip for hosting metaverse events is – Have fun! Virtual platforms feel like games to many users, so embracing that aspect and dedicating time for unique experiences in your event program will make the event more memorable for attendees.  

Tune your audience into the game and reward them well for their performance & dedicated actions. Organize special games customized to the sponsor’s brand and even deliver virtual goodies in the sponsor’s name to enhance their brand value. 

Your imagination could be bursting with ideas or you might still be figuring out how to host metaverse events. Get in touch if this sounds like you – we’d love to walk you through a free demo.