Virtual Shopping Mall

Our virtual shopping mall software platform provides online shoppers a realistic 3D shopping experience through its accurate 3 dimensional display of online shopping malls, stores and its products. Our 3D retail store design software platform is compatible with all modern browsers can be accessed from anywhere via internet without the need to download or install any application.

The Live chat feature in 3D virtual malls allows shoppers to interact with each other leading better social engagement. As online retailers and store owners can utilize the shopper’s online behavior to retrieve real time data on their product preferences, Alliance Studio virtual shopping mall software proves to be a win-win for both shoppers and store owners. Our virtual shopping mall software’s functionalities address the top challenges shoppers and storeowners face while adopting technology in commerce.


3D Experience

Shoppers miss the realistic window shopping experience in 20 sites

Interactive & Social

Shoppers often find themselves monotonously searching for products online turning shopping therapy in to nightmare


nGage (Behavioral targeting)

Retailers today require genuine and refreshing marketing techniques to keep shoppers engaged at every stage of their visit to shop

Real timeanalytics

Re-targetting methods are ineffective when visitor details are delivered after visitors leave the site.

The Benefits of our Virtual Shopping Mall Platform

Enhancing Brand Value

Motioncart virtual shopping mall software helps shopping malls connect to the growing online community through social media that improves mall reputation

Retaining Store Owner Loyalty

Mall owners can offer retailers digital space on 3D virtual mall/ online shopping mall to extend their sales channel therby removing the need to opt for individual ecommerce sites.

Extending Revenue Channel

Motioncart 3D virtual mall offer easy ways to increase revenue through online advertising, product promotion and special offers.

Access to Micro Markets

Customers in new and micro markets may not be accessible due to infrastructure and terrain constraints but can be accessed through motioncart digital mall software as it only requires access to internet with no obligation to download software or hardware.

Bridging Offline & Online Shopping

Motioncart virtual shopping mall software allows Merging of offline and online store experience through 3D environment thereby leveraging from both markets without losing mall brand identity.

Key Features

Customized Multi tier Virtual Floor Plan and shop design
Easy browsing of shops and products via teleport.
Fully compliant with payment data security standards.
Integration with payment gateways and shipping carriers.
Real time Statistics and Reporting Tool for online retailers.
Online retailers can have the advantage of product catalogue management.
Includes Orders, Products, Channel and Brands
Inter & Multi user chat communication channel.
Experience GrandSpace Metaverse solutions in Action.