Metaverse Is it still in Demand in Post Pandemics? 

Metaverse Is it still in Demand in Post Pandemics? 

Two years ago, the events industry was heavily affected by the pandemic. Concerts and conferences alike had to be canceled. There was a big hit in the industry, with many event companies even having to close due to the inability to organize any events. 

But not all companies shatter at the pandemic crisis moment. Some companies jumped at the chance to invest in metaverse virtual events. Seminars and even concerts have been conducted virtually, using web communication tools like Zoom, and virtual event platforms like Grand.Space and even streaming live over social media. 

Despite the technology’s ability to support seamless live streaming and web conferencing, a new problem had arisen. It is likely that many users who enjoyed such content delivery for events and concerts soon became fatigued from such events or overwhelmed by them. 

Overuse of the Zoom platform can lead to exhaustion, worry, or burnout. In addition to the cloud-based video conferencing software Zoom, this name can also refer to video conferencing platforms other than zoom. 

Metaverse Era Started  

How can organizations deal with this? To keep users entertained during these sessions instead of just watching, they needed a solution that could keep them interactive. That is why they turned metaverse in virtual events. 

As the next-generation communication platform for almost everything, Zuckerberg unveiled the metaverse last year. Soon after, the metaverse was seeing huge investments from other tech companies as well. 

Even though many businesses want to be part of it, they are still unsure how exactly their employees will react. Additionally, many employees preferred to work remotely or in hybrid settings rather than in the metaverse. However, this situation was different for the events industry. 

Metaverse in virtual events have now become a game-changer and hence seamlessly brings new experiences for users. Moreover, metaverse not only paves ways to interact with each other but also enjoy the way they want it. 

Now, in the aftermath of all the hindrances, the world begins back to normality and hybrid events are poised to be the future industry with the metaverse at its core. Event organizers always look to replicate the physical events but with added virtual features because metaverse makes their audience even more appealing than in-person events. 

What exactly is Metaverse? 

Metaverse in virtual events is the more immersive environment where people can be able to do anything you can imagine like get together with friends, family, and work, learn, play, shop and create entirely new categories that don’t really fit how we think about computers or phones today. 

How Metaverse Impact the Real World 

1. 3D Avatars for users 

Generally, on social networks or websites, you are recognized with a username or thumbnail picture. In the same way, you’re represented by a customized avatar that can move, perform or do animated actions in the metaverse. 

2. Creating your own virtual property 

Metaverse in virtual events platform allows you to create your own virtual property and hence allows users to create their own metaverse content.  

3. Connecting the world and negating physical distance 

One of the notable advantages of the metaverse over in-person events is geographical barriers. Yes, in virtual events your location doesn’t matter anymore and you’re no longer bound by it. 

4. Immersive Experience 

In the metaverse, everything seems to be in a most immersive way which creates more opportunities in business ventures. With the 3D immersive world, you can play games, conduct conferences or business meetings, do concerts, and many more. 

5. Better Social Interactions 

No more physical proximity is there while conducting any events or business gatherings you may want to attend. Now meetings, concerts, and parties can all be organized in the metaverse world with better social interactions. 

6. Creates a new world in social media 

Combine virtual space in the metaverse with the power of social media and completely create a new shared online world. This powerful combination will enable your business to experience completely new social media like before. 

7. New business opportunity 

So far, you all think that metaverse in virtual events will give you a unique experience over a tiny screen or on your phone. The thing is different, you can even use this immersive platform for promoting and consuming products and services using new marketing and advertisement strategies like virtualized storefronts, curated shows, and highly interactive engagement and customer service. 

8. New learning curve 

No more physical classrooms in the future! Yes, metaverse learning will be accessible from anywhere. Start learning and sharing information together in real-time in a 3D immersive metaverse platform. 

Final Thoughts 

Based on the advantage and improvements revolving around the event industry world, events in Metaverse are likely to overtake in-person events even in the post-pandemic world, and the world will expect more advanced technology in the future. Striving for continuous growth, Grand.Space will be ramping up unique metaverse strategies to get our clients prepared for the new digital age. 

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